Freelance Photographer

Dee Why Sunset – “After the Storm”

After the massive storm front that passed over Sydney Monday night, I thought it best to head out and capture the sunset over Dee Why Beach, hopefully the rain would have cleared and it wouldn’t be as gusty.  I was right, it was a gorgeous evening down at the ocean pool.  Loads of people were out watching the swell and taking surf photos, I was more interested in the clouds (as usual).

I managed to grab a nice panoramic

….& even capture the beautiful rainbow that was breaching the lower clouds 

 An interesting part of heading out for landscape photography is the people you meet along the way.  I had a 10-year-old school boy stand there and watch me for over an hour, asking me everything I did and trying to do the same with his handheld automatic Canon.  It was so sweet!

 I got out my Lee Big Stopper and tried that out, coupled with my Lee Graduated filter 0.9 soft, got a cool image and absolutely love this piece of hardware…

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