Freelance Photographer

Soldier’s Beach Night Shoots

I recently ventured out on a night shoot up at Soldier’s Beach to capture star trails and practice my long exposure skills.  The light from the moon was poor, given it was not a full moon and some intermittent cloud cover at times.  I was planning to shoot towards the lighthouse and accept the over-exposed section from the emitting light, but the composition wasn’t right, so I kept scoping out different spots throughout the night.

Shooting at night is daunting to say the least, every noise you hear kinda spooks you, but on the flip side, its calming and relaxing, just to hear the waves coming in and seeing fishermen on the rocks enjoying a beer or two.

I ended up getting 3 ok shots from the night, all shot on a Canon 5D Mark II, around 10 mins per exposure, 24mm, f/8, ISO400. 

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