Freelance Photographer

Long Reef Headland – ‘Before the Storm’

What a day for landscape photography!  My alarm went off at 5:20am, and I turned it off and tried to go back to sleep, my 2 and 3 yr old had camped in my bed last night, so it was way too cozy to get up at that hour, given I had gone to bed at 1am after the huge 4th birthday party the day before.  Something was bugging me to get up and head out on a photo shoot, so I got up, packed the Jeep and headed down to Warriewood to shoot from the viewing platform, as I had my two little ones with me and they were still snoozing in their car seats.  I arrived about 3 mins after the pink started blasting the horizon – it was an epic, flouro sunrise, something I haven’t seen for a while over winter. 

It dissipated pretty quickly, so I headed down to Narrabeen to see if the light was reflecting nicely off the water post sunrise.  Captured a nice panoramic, the sky was pretty flat at that time of the morning…


Assumed the day was over for photos, so we headed out for a relaxing beachside breakfast and then my son (who is 4) asked to go for a walk and wanted to take some photos himself.  Long Reef, was on-route, so the sky was imminent of a storm front, but we had time before it hit.  I loaded my backpack with my camera, filters and snacks and headed out to the headland with my mini-me’s. 

It is very interesting, to say the least, taking 2 kids out on a photo shoot, things seem to get flung towards the tripod at the most inopportune times (ie long exposures), but they behaved excellently and on the way out of Long Reef, my son stopped me and asked to take a photograph of some pathway leading down towards Collaroy.  This is what he compositioned, my favourite shot of all time – so far!  Taken at 8:51am, 62 sec, 25mm, f/13, Lee Big Stopper 10, Lee Grad Filter 0.9, Canon 5D Mark II, 24-70mm lens.

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