Freelance Photographer

Forresters Beach – Sunset, Full Moon Rising, Star Trails

Twas a full moon tonight – how could I resist not doing a sunset/full moon rising/star trails shoot.  All packed and ready to go by 3:45pm.  I ventured up to the Central Coast for Forresters Beach and set up just in time for sunset.  It wasn’t the most amazing sunset, clouds were little to nil and it just washed with banded pastels, but overall, it was worth capturing.

 After the sun had set, waiting around at dusk gets pretty boring and the temperature drops, plus the tide was coming in pretty quickly (something to check next time I plan on being on a rock shelf at the ocean level), so I moved back to the rocks against the cliff face and sat watching the stars start to come out.  I looked up at the horizon and saw this orange ball of light, I thought, great a container ship is going to be in my composition later… not so great for star trail shots.  Was mucking around killing time and did some LED light shots…

That annoying orange light was actually the moon, filtering through the low lying clouds on the horizon, it was massive at first.  I’ve never had the chance to shoot directly at the moon, so I scurried around the get my tripod back onto the rock landing.  I think video would have given it justice, but I did capture it 🙂

… and then after a few trial compositions, I got my star trails shot at 7:30pm…

Time for bed, after travelling, shooting & editing all night … plan for a good sleep in tomorrow morning   x


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