Freelance Photographer

Wicked Sunset!!!

Summer is definitely on its way, I can feel it!  The sunsets are becoming more vivid and the cloud cover more disbursed.  I got home around 4:40pm and quickly grabbed my photographic equipment and my kids grabbed their pjs and teddies and we hit the road to get what we could of the 5:28pm sunset.  In hindsight, it may have been better to shoot off my front verandah, as the eastern sky was drab, but the western sky was going off! 

I arrived at Warriewood, a place where I can hand shoot with the kids safely watching Diego DVD 2 meters from me at a viewing platform.  The beach light was pretty drab and I turned around and saw this amazing bleed of colour over the cotton wool clouds!  To see it was amazing.  A passing cyclist told me to head down to the Ocean Street bridge at Narrabeen, but it would’ve not been able to shoot it with my adorable kids in the car with me so I let it pass.  There will always be other times to shoot sunsets like this.

The kids were so excited to see it, so overall, we had a good evening together.  We got fish ‘n chips afterwards and ate it in the car at Dee Why then headed home to 2 very tired and asleep kids!

Bring on the Summer sunsets!!!!!

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