Freelance Photographer

Octuplets at Newport Beach

Yesterday’s sunset, coupled with this morning sunrise was too tempting to possibly miss yet another amazing sky lit up, so I headed down to Newport Beach with my entourage to get a sunset, regardless of how red it was going to be.  We rocked up at around 4:50pm and hiked down towards the north end of Newport.  The kids just had their bath and decided to “roll” in the sand and frolic about as you would guess they would.  It wasn’t looking too promising, but I set up anyway and grabbed a few bracketed images for HDR processing later on. 

My very helpful mini assistants kept running into my shots, so I decided, since the sunset was dismal, I may as well grab some fun shots whilst on location.  2 turned into 8, or at least it felt that way with sand flying in every direction and loads of “shells” which I found out later on were just hard pieces of sand, where piled at the base of my tripod as presents for Mummy. 

Taking them on shoots is interesting, but very rewarding, as they love to get involved.

Lets hope some more pretty sunsets come our way soon!

This was Newport late afternoon, at around 5:20pm

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