Freelance Photographer

Fairy Bower Rock Pool: Sunset


After a day of gale-force winds, it was nice to see the weather finally settle down a bit, the cloud had started to form on the western horizon so at around 4:25pm, I headed down to Manly to capture a panoramic sunset at Fairy Bower Rock Pool.  Loads of people out walking from Shelley Beach to Queenscliff – the weather is finally warming up , but I still chucked my black beanie on hoping to not attract another weirdo on my shoots.  Alas, I did, there seems to be one at every location.  This one was ok, but thought it was very important to interrupt my photo shoot and hand me his automatic camera, walk into my shot and ask me to take photos of him with the sunset!  Tempted to say no, I thought, what the hell!  I took 5 pics of him and then asked him to move so I could get my panoramic before the sunset & a quick location video:   He waited around til I finished and then I packed up and bolted!!  All in a day’s work :)~

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