Freelance Photographer

Forresters Beach Sunset

It’s been a while since I went out for a sunset shoot and thought, since its nearly full moon, why not sunset then star trail at Forresters.  I got down to the beach and nearly turned around, the swell was ridiculously rough and an extremely high tide.  I took a few quick snaps on my iphone as the beach had been trashed by the waves and i got soaked just walking to the south end near the cliff. 

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The sunset was pretty but it was difficult to get a good composition, as the waves kept smashing into where i was standing, there was about 2 meters of dry sand left and i had to keep grabbing my backpack, tripod and gear to save it from getting washed into the ocean.  I did forget to zip up my backpack and when I picked it up to save it from a massive set, a pile of my gear tumbled out and got washed into the ocean.  I lost some filters, my petzl head torch, and still yet to figure out what else got washed away.  I found a torch about 20m from where I was standing, so the wash must have been pretty wild to pick that up and carry it – it still works too!!!  Stoked about that. 

Did some star trail photography til about 7:30pm, but way too tired to edit those tonight.  Will upload new blog tomorrow with pics.  Got some great shots!

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