Freelance Photographer

Missing Photography Gear!

Oh … for anyone who ventures down to Forresters today, you may be lucky enough to find some photography gear washed up from the swell yesterday.  I grabbed my bag yesterday after a massive set came through and totally soaked me, and …. of course …. i didn’t zip it up, out tumbled my Petzl headlamp, some polarised screw-in filters 77m and 82mm, my flash stand, a screwdriver and my self-inflatable thermarest seat, which I use for night shoots (8-min exposures are so boring).  Good luck if you find it and happy hunting!  I am so mad at myself – lesson learned… zip up or lose it!!!

Comfit Description: Big, angry, white tips, bluish in colour – very loud and dangerous last night at Forresters – otherwise known as the OCEAN!!!

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