Freelance Photographer

Turrimetta Storm Brewing

The sky was looking nice for a sunset so I headed down to the Northern Beaches with my 4 and 2 yr old (buckets and spades in hand) hoping for a hot pink sunset.  The ocean was still crazy like it was for my Forresters shoot, which made it nearly impossible with 2 little ones running towards the water at the wrong times (like when the set was raging in at us).  I bribed them with Kinder Surprises … & amazingly that worked a treat!  They sat down and built a sandcastle, (flicking sand at my legs when I wasn’t looking) and kept away from the water’s edge.  A gorgeous storm front to watch at sunset, nobody was at the beach so we had it all to ourselves.  A well deserved run to the Northern Beaches once again!  Am stitching my panoramic now, will upload later…

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