Freelance Photographer

Warriewood at Dusk


After last night’s skyscape, I couldn’t resist taking up the opportunity to capture an overcast sunset again, so I headed down to Warriewood.  My 4-yr old chose the location, and it was a shocking night for photography.  I tried all the tricks in the camera bag, but ended up going with the Lee Big 10 Stopper just to get something. 

This shot was taken on a Canon 5D Mark II
Canon L Series 24-70mm lens
Lee Soft Grad 0.9 filter
Lee Big Stopper 10
ISO100, 25mm, f/13, 333 secs
23 September 2010 5:47pm-5:52pm
Warriewood Beach at Dusk

Here are some images taken on location at the same time – my apprentices digging for pixies in the sand and the original location shot as well as the full moon rising shot (i think i may need a zoom lens for this in future… one guy had a massive lens down at Warriewood shooting, would love to see his pics) – shows how uneventful the skyscape was at sunset today…

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