Freelance Photographer

Lollypop Sunset

After researching Forresters for a different angle, I thought I would try out the north end for a different perspective.  I hiked all the way up (& it’s a long way compared to the south end from the car park) and when I got up there, I found a tonne of seaweed, a rising tide and a ruined beach, so the water just gushed at you at 100 miles an hour.  A disaster zone, so after lugging all my gear to the north end, I looked up and saw the prettiest sunset bouncing off the low-lying cloud line, so I then relocated – pressed for time to the south end where I should have gone to begin with.  Exhausted and out of breath, I set up and captured this:

Moonrise was 2 hours past sunset, and the cloud cover was really heavy tonight, I did get some star trails, but will edit and upload them tomorrow.  It was a disaster star trails night due to the cloud cover, on my way back down to Sydney, the cloud cover was non-existent and if I wasn’t so tired, I would have set up for an hour-long shoot…. maybe another night!

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