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Scooter Girl

It’s days like today you don’t mind missing a dusk shoot to spend quality time with the little ones.  Kiara is usually on a beach/headland with me passing me cleaned filters or taking her own photos for her blog, but today she was out hitting it with the boys on the skate ramp.  She is only 2, but goes faster than most 5 yr olds, crashes hard, gets back up and soliders on – with her handbag hung casually on her handlebars of the scooter. 

I loved the graffiti in the background of this shot.  She is so lady-like, but a tom boy at the same time.  Very cute to watch.

….& yes, she did go down the ramp once she reached the top!!!!!

This is my capture of the day – hope you enjoy it!

One response

  1. Roman Doroszuk

    Yes that’s a great shot of a lovely little girl having fun and broadening her skills

    October 14, 2010 at 11:02 am

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