Freelance Photographer

Mona Vale Baths

The weather in Sydney has been shocking – constant rain, four seasons in one week, its cold but spring – which makes it so hard to try to plan photo shoots.  At around 5:30pm I had a look outside and the clouds look menacing, so I headed down to Mona Vale Baths, a location I dare not take my two little kids with me (cross waves and unpredictable tides).  It was raining very heavily when I was driving down to the Northern Beaches, but thought I may catch a gap in the weather – not so lucky.  I braved it and headed out anyway.  The only way I could get a shot was with my Lee Big Stopper 10, wiping the rain drops off the filter every 30 seconds to try to get a clean shot – yes, I forgot my umbrella… 

Needless to say, I got washed by the waves to my knees in my jeans, my gortex boots kept my feet dry (amazingly) and I managed to capture this shot in around 60 seconds.  Miserable day to be out shooting, but I figure, there is no challenge shooting on perfect days all the time – shoot nature from different angles, learn in all elements and broaden the portfolio…  Got home frozen, popped my gear in the washing machine, threw on a dress and headed off for pizza/wine at Manly with some friends and then a movie, hence the very late edit/post. 

However, my 4am wake-up for a sunrise shoot will be postponed until Sunday (as waking up to torrential rain is not so tempting at that early hour).

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