Freelance Photographer

North Forresters

The first morning in a while where it wasn’t raining and the weather forecast proved right.  I ventured up the coast to Forresters (was going to shoot it from Spoon Bay headland, but ended its a bit scary walking down there on a new moon at 5am with no light), so I opted for the safer choice of the beach entry… (by safe, I was referring to my Burleigh Heads experience  I got on location and the waves were just chasing me every time I put my eye to the camera… my jeans were soaked, my gortex boots full of sea water and I couldn’t seem to get an exposure longer than 2 secs without running back 10m with gear in hand…  I didn’t want to zoom in with my wide angled lens, so I shot what I could and nearly didn’t process any images and I am not stoked with them… but the colours were nice and i love the lead in lines with this shot.

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