Freelance Photographer

Stormy Warriewood

Well, after watching gorgeous sunsets dusk after dusk for three nights running, I thought it best to dust off my camera gear and head on out tonight.  It wasn’t looking promising, but I was committed to getting out there and shooting something … anything …

As I was heading out, the storm from the west was sweeping over and hiking out to the ocean, but I decided to keep on going.  I got on location at around 6:45pm and the edge of the cloud line was at Warriewood – was planning on Collaroy baths or Narrabeen, but the storm had beaten me to those locations.  I hiked out to the shoreline and the wind picked up and started to rain heavily on me, but I still managed to snap a few shots off.

As I got back to my car, soaked but not sorry, I was grinned at by a few of the tradies checking the surf out, they must’ve thought I was mad…. absolutely soaked, sand everywhere, but I got my shot!

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