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Forresters at Dusk!

It’s about time I got back out on the beaches to shoot some seascapes.  I met up with Danny, Tim and Jasiah down at Forresters Beach on the Central Coast to capture tonight’s sunset.  The cloud was a bit thick to filter much colour through, so it was an overcast shoot – but still so nice to shoot Forresters – always something different to compose.  I found my favourite rock to shoot and this is the first out of a few shots that I got tonight.

Technical Specs: f/14, 10 sec, 8:17pm, 24mm, lee grad filter 0.9, 24-70mm l series, canon 5d mark ii

Narrabeen Wash

From the archives – just uploading images to my website and found this image that I hadn’t yet processed… I remember taking this shot, I got washed by a massive set that came through and this was the wash after the wave … I grabbed my tripod above my head, but was drenched… I love the shot though – well worth it…


Technicolour Rocks


One of my favourite shots from the day at Terrigal



I’ve always had a passion for rocks – maybe I should have studied geology instead of finance.  They are just simple, beautiful objects – such intricate detail if you just take the time to look at them.



 I was rushing back to the car whent he rain set in, but had to stop and unload my gear to get this macro shot of the rocks.  It’s so intricate in detail.


Went out looking for some piers to shoot with the storm clouds, but couldn’t find any decent ones that weren’t “private”, so I moved onto the Skillion at the Central Coast – got a few shots in, but discovered the amazing rocks in the area, just back from where I usually shoot seascapes.  So many different textures in a small area – I went crazy shooting macros on nearly all the rock areas… gorgeous way to spend a windy, cold and rainy afternoon…

Morning Bliss

Morning sunrise on the Gold Coast is spectacular, even on a non-eventful morning, the colours just sing!  So glad to be up early to capture such a beautiful space on the Australian Coastline.

Burleigh Heads Glow

The second image from my Burleigh Heads shoot in August.  The sunrises are so pretty up the coast, was hoping for some more clouds, but the colours were gorgeous.  My other shot from Burleigh Heads can be found here on my blog:

Warriewood Rocks

I headed down to the south end of Mona Vale beach and wandered around the point to Warriewood – there wasn’t much to shoot, loads of blue bottles washed up on the beach and my two little assistants were trying to “play” with them when I was shooting, so I opted for something different.  I loved these rocks, all stacked up looking like Violet Crumbles (without the chocolate).  Will be heading down here to shoot more rock formations in the next few shoots – its beautiful down here.  Still loads of green seaweed on the ocean rocks shelves…