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Storm Front


Technical Specs: f/13, 1.3 secs, 24mm, ISO100, 18 January 2011, 7:44pm, canon 5d mkii, canon l series 24-70mm lens, lee soft graduated filter 0.9

Forresters at Dusk – Panoramic

My panoramic is finally manually stitched from last night’s shoot.  This is a series of 8 shots taken in portrait orientation.  Specs: f/18, ISO100, 10 secs per frame, 24mm, 8:13pm-8:15pm, 18 January 2011.  I thought I would upload something different from Forresters – I have a few seascape shots as well, but will upload those as they are processed.  Hope you like this one.

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Forresters at Dusk!

It’s about time I got back out on the beaches to shoot some seascapes.  I met up with Danny, Tim and Jasiah down at Forresters Beach on the Central Coast to capture tonight’s sunset.  The cloud was a bit thick to filter much colour through, so it was an overcast shoot – but still so nice to shoot Forresters – always something different to compose.  I found my favourite rock to shoot and this is the first out of a few shots that I got tonight.

Technical Specs: f/14, 10 sec, 8:17pm, 24mm, lee grad filter 0.9, 24-70mm l series, canon 5d mark ii

Warriewood Storm Brewing

Headed down to Warriewood this evening before the storm hit – the clouds were coming in fast and thick – as the light was falling, the pictures just got better and better.  I have taken a few panoramics and a few long exposures which I will edit and upload as they are completed.  This is the first image from this evening down at Warriewood beach…

EXIF: f/22, 1.3sec, ISO100, 16mm, lee soft grad filter 0.6, canon 5d mark ii, canon l series lens 16-35mm, 7:59pm, 26 December 2010

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Warriewood Rain

Another shot processed from last night’s shoot, just as the rain came in from the West.

Stormy Warriewood

Well, after watching gorgeous sunsets dusk after dusk for three nights running, I thought it best to dust off my camera gear and head on out tonight.  It wasn’t looking promising, but I was committed to getting out there and shooting something … anything …

As I was heading out, the storm from the west was sweeping over and hiking out to the ocean, but I decided to keep on going.  I got on location at around 6:45pm and the edge of the cloud line was at Warriewood – was planning on Collaroy baths or Narrabeen, but the storm had beaten me to those locations.  I hiked out to the shoreline and the wind picked up and started to rain heavily on me, but I still managed to snap a few shots off.

As I got back to my car, soaked but not sorry, I was grinned at by a few of the tradies checking the surf out, they must’ve thought I was mad…. absolutely soaked, sand everywhere, but I got my shot!

Dee Why Storm

This shot was taken about 5 months ago down at Dee Why at sunset with a massive storm brewing.  With all this rain and thick cloud cover its hard to get out and get some new shots, so I am trawling through the archives …

Narrabeen Tidal Pool

A shot I took back on 28 July 2010, retouched it today as I didn’t like my original processing – I have already sold a few of this image on canvas, but recently printed one on aluminium and it looked awesome – I think I may get one printed for my wall in the office…

Manly Pier

Mona Vale Baths

The weather in Sydney has been shocking – constant rain, four seasons in one week, its cold but spring – which makes it so hard to try to plan photo shoots.  At around 5:30pm I had a look outside and the clouds look menacing, so I headed down to Mona Vale Baths, a location I dare not take my two little kids with me (cross waves and unpredictable tides).  It was raining very heavily when I was driving down to the Northern Beaches, but thought I may catch a gap in the weather – not so lucky.  I braved it and headed out anyway.  The only way I could get a shot was with my Lee Big Stopper 10, wiping the rain drops off the filter every 30 seconds to try to get a clean shot – yes, I forgot my umbrella… 

Needless to say, I got washed by the waves to my knees in my jeans, my gortex boots kept my feet dry (amazingly) and I managed to capture this shot in around 60 seconds.  Miserable day to be out shooting, but I figure, there is no challenge shooting on perfect days all the time – shoot nature from different angles, learn in all elements and broaden the portfolio…  Got home frozen, popped my gear in the washing machine, threw on a dress and headed off for pizza/wine at Manly with some friends and then a movie, hence the very late edit/post. 

However, my 4am wake-up for a sunrise shoot will be postponed until Sunday (as waking up to torrential rain is not so tempting at that early hour).

Bright Green Seaweed at Turimetta Headland

Was great to see the bright green seaweed at Turimetta along with a stormy skyline.  I love this type of weather, brings a different scope to your portfolio for seascapes!

: G R E E N :

It was raining at 5:30pm, but it was also 2 weeks since my last shoot.  I headed to the one place I know is great for stormy skies – Turimetta.  It was low tide so the rocks were all exposed and they were GREEN!  I got heaps of shots, which I will process over the coming days, but this was my last shot of the evening and I loved the green.  No colour editing at all, just some gamma and slight exposure adjustment and some brightness.  Very cool and blustery conditions down there, I must’ve been 5 mins ahead of the rain by the time I packed up and hiked on out of there.

Turrimetta Storm Brewing Panoramic Image

What else can I say …. this was a spectacular evening at Turrimetta!!!

Turrimetta Storm Brewing

The sky was looking nice for a sunset so I headed down to the Northern Beaches with my 4 and 2 yr old (buckets and spades in hand) hoping for a hot pink sunset.  The ocean was still crazy like it was for my Forresters shoot, which made it nearly impossible with 2 little ones running towards the water at the wrong times (like when the set was raging in at us).  I bribed them with Kinder Surprises … & amazingly that worked a treat!  They sat down and built a sandcastle, (flicking sand at my legs when I wasn’t looking) and kept away from the water’s edge.  A gorgeous storm front to watch at sunset, nobody was at the beach so we had it all to ourselves.  A well deserved run to the Northern Beaches once again!  Am stitching my panoramic now, will upload later…

“Before the Storm” – South Coast, NSW

A 6:1 panoramic stitch taken a couple of months ago down near Kiama before a massive storm front hit.  This would’ve looked wicked at sunset!