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Collaroy Beach

Taken at Collaroy Beach last night after sunset.  The tungsten lighting presents an issue when editing these shots, as it puts an orange/magenta cast over the image, but it can also work quite well.  I think I prefer this lighting effect for dawn rather than dusk, as the light is a lot softer and it compliments the environment.  Gorgeous evening to be out shooting, nice warm breeze, loads of people out swimming, running and just enjoying what is left of the “summer” weather.  If the cloud cover wasn’t so heavy I would have stuck around to shoot some star trails.

Technical specs: 9 march 2011, 1940hr, iso100, f/13, 24mm, 15 secs, 5 images stitched, ps cs5, canon l series 24-70mm, lee soft grad filter 0.6, canon 1d mk iv

Little Manly Fishermen

Went down to Little Manly with Liz to have a quick birthday dinner and watch the sunset.  I got out my new 70-200mm L series and handheld shot some photos whilst eating dinner.  It was a nice evening to be out

North Avoca Sunset

Went down to North Avoca with Tim Bolger to shoot sunset.  Took a while to find a comp that I liked.  As the sun was setting I had my big stopper on and missed the pink clouds, but I got this just before sunset.  Definitely a place I will be heading back to and reshoot, maybe a sunrise next time… (now I know how to find the place).

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Technical Specs: f/13, 1.3 secs, 24mm, ISO100, 18 January 2011, 7:44pm, canon 5d mkii, canon l series 24-70mm lens, lee soft graduated filter 0.9

Forresters at Dusk – Panoramic

My panoramic is finally manually stitched from last night’s shoot.  This is a series of 8 shots taken in portrait orientation.  Specs: f/18, ISO100, 10 secs per frame, 24mm, 8:13pm-8:15pm, 18 January 2011.  I thought I would upload something different from Forresters – I have a few seascape shots as well, but will upload those as they are processed.  Hope you like this one.

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Forresters at Dusk!

It’s about time I got back out on the beaches to shoot some seascapes.  I met up with Danny, Tim and Jasiah down at Forresters Beach on the Central Coast to capture tonight’s sunset.  The cloud was a bit thick to filter much colour through, so it was an overcast shoot – but still so nice to shoot Forresters – always something different to compose.  I found my favourite rock to shoot and this is the first out of a few shots that I got tonight.

Technical Specs: f/14, 10 sec, 8:17pm, 24mm, lee grad filter 0.9, 24-70mm l series, canon 5d mark ii

Warriewood Storm Brewing

Headed down to Warriewood this evening before the storm hit – the clouds were coming in fast and thick – as the light was falling, the pictures just got better and better.  I have taken a few panoramics and a few long exposures which I will edit and upload as they are completed.  This is the first image from this evening down at Warriewood beach…

EXIF: f/22, 1.3sec, ISO100, 16mm, lee soft grad filter 0.6, canon 5d mark ii, canon l series lens 16-35mm, 7:59pm, 26 December 2010

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Narrabeen Wash

From the archives – just uploading images to my website and found this image that I hadn’t yet processed… I remember taking this shot, I got washed by a massive set that came through and this was the wash after the wave … I grabbed my tripod above my head, but was drenched… I love the shot though – well worth it…


Wahroonga Twilight

Shot a few weeks ago from my front verandah…

Wahroonga Night Lights

It’s nights like these you wish you were on location somewhere at on the coastline…. Was amazing to watch – last Friday night!

Wahroonga Sunset

Sadly, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to head out on location to shoot lately, been busy with moving house, the weather has not been optimal and my uni work has been tying me down.  The sky looked too pretty to not pull out the camera last night, love having a western facing house for these gorgeous sunsets!

Dee Why Storm

This shot was taken about 5 months ago down at Dee Why at sunset with a massive storm brewing.  With all this rain and thick cloud cover its hard to get out and get some new shots, so I am trawling through the archives …

Wahroonga Sunset

Sunday evening – didn’t get a chance to get out on location, so I shot this while sitting at my desk out my office window!  I will definitely miss this location for skyscapes in a couple of weeks… but I’ll find somewhere better…

M is for Maroubra

Time for a change, thought I would head down to the Eastern Beaches for something different.  There were no clouds in Wahroonga, so I hoped there would be some on the other side of Sydney – wrong!  Nothing on the horizon at all.  Played around on the rocks taking shots of the massive waves crashing onto the headland, got nothing spectacular… the moon rise was at 6:40pm – it was so feint – not worth shooting – was pretty cold by this point from being in the wind for about 2 hours… was just about to pack up and head home when I saw a different spot to shoot – I didn’t notice it at the time, but there is an M etched into the rocks from the water over time… definitely a location to head back to and reshoot over and over til I get something I love…

Turimetta Triangle

Decided to take the family down to Turimetta to try for a sunset shoot – the kids wandered around the rock pools on the very low tide and I went out on the exposed rock shelf, trying to find some composition – got nothing… on the way back to the car, all packed up, I looked over and saw this… the sky wasn’t exciting, but its a nice picture all the same… the rocks are really nice down here and the green moss is still all over the rocks – amazingly…

Hugo’s Outlook


Taken one evening whilst sitting at Hugo’s with Liz and a nice, chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc – unfortunately, no tripod handy, so this was a 30 sec exposure resting on my handbag 🙂  Sometimes, you just have to compromise on your equipment to capture a gorgeous moment!

Manly Pier

Manly Yacht Club

Was down at Manly having a leisurely glass of white wine and pizza at Hugo’s and saw a storm coming through – had to get a capture of the brewing clouds before sunset.  I ventured down to the Manly Yacht Club and shot this from the jetty out the front of their club.

Warriewood Sunset


Thought I would shoot this location on a higher tide without my 2 assistants, the swell was not so bad today, but I did get my feet soaked on a few sets that came in when I had my eye on the viewfinder.  Such a pretty location, but most of the green seaweed has gone already…

Bright Green Seaweed at Turimetta Headland

Was great to see the bright green seaweed at Turimetta along with a stormy skyline.  I love this type of weather, brings a different scope to your portfolio for seascapes!

: G R E E N :

It was raining at 5:30pm, but it was also 2 weeks since my last shoot.  I headed to the one place I know is great for stormy skies – Turimetta.  It was low tide so the rocks were all exposed and they were GREEN!  I got heaps of shots, which I will process over the coming days, but this was my last shot of the evening and I loved the green.  No colour editing at all, just some gamma and slight exposure adjustment and some brightness.  Very cool and blustery conditions down there, I must’ve been 5 mins ahead of the rain by the time I packed up and hiked on out of there.

Lollypop Sunset

After researching Forresters for a different angle, I thought I would try out the north end for a different perspective.  I hiked all the way up (& it’s a long way compared to the south end from the car park) and when I got up there, I found a tonne of seaweed, a rising tide and a ruined beach, so the water just gushed at you at 100 miles an hour.  A disaster zone, so after lugging all my gear to the north end, I looked up and saw the prettiest sunset bouncing off the low-lying cloud line, so I then relocated – pressed for time to the south end where I should have gone to begin with.  Exhausted and out of breath, I set up and captured this:

Moonrise was 2 hours past sunset, and the cloud cover was really heavy tonight, I did get some star trails, but will edit and upload them tomorrow.  It was a disaster star trails night due to the cloud cover, on my way back down to Sydney, the cloud cover was non-existent and if I wasn’t so tired, I would have set up for an hour-long shoot…. maybe another night!

Warriewood at Dusk


After last night’s skyscape, I couldn’t resist taking up the opportunity to capture an overcast sunset again, so I headed down to Warriewood.  My 4-yr old chose the location, and it was a shocking night for photography.  I tried all the tricks in the camera bag, but ended up going with the Lee Big 10 Stopper just to get something. 

This shot was taken on a Canon 5D Mark II
Canon L Series 24-70mm lens
Lee Soft Grad 0.9 filter
Lee Big Stopper 10
ISO100, 25mm, f/13, 333 secs
23 September 2010 5:47pm-5:52pm
Warriewood Beach at Dusk

Here are some images taken on location at the same time – my apprentices digging for pixies in the sand and the original location shot as well as the full moon rising shot (i think i may need a zoom lens for this in future… one guy had a massive lens down at Warriewood shooting, would love to see his pics) – shows how uneventful the skyscape was at sunset today…

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Turrimetta Rocks

The swell was pretty crazy yesterday at sunset, so I couldn’t get any closer to my favourite rocks without getting my tripod washed away, or my 2 little kids, so this is the best I could get under the conditions that night.