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Currumbin Rock

Every time I come to the Gold Coast, I relax too much and don’t get out and shoot enough, I thought today was a good day to set the alarm for 4:20am and head off to Currumbin Rock to get a nice sunrise shoot in.  Didn’t think I would make it as it was getting pretty light as I was driving past Palm Beach and was tempted to just get a beach shot in, but that’s not my style, so I kept on driving.  My 4-yr old son begged to come last night, so I woke him up at 4:25 and he reluctantly made it to the car and went back to sleep.  I hiked out to location with my 15kg backpack on (all my gear in it) and my 16kg son on my hip.  Thank god, I have been going to the gym or I would have been dead once I got there.  The sun took forever to come up, it was supposed to be sunrise at 5:28am, but it didn’t seem to breach the horizon til around 5:40am, which is when I got this shot.  Not an overly exciting sunrise to say the least, but I’m happy with the shot.  Loads of keen fishermen up at this early hour.  Technical notes: 5:40am, 14 february 2011, iso100, f/13, 1/5 sec, 24mm, 24-70mm canon l series lens, lee soft grad filter 0.9, canon 1d mark iv


Happy Valentines Day!!!


Currumbin Rock, QLD

My last opportunity for a photo shoot before leaving on a jet plane for Sydney.  I had a few locations on my list and chose Currumbin Rock.  Mum said she knew were it was, so instead of researching my location and getting gps travelling time, I assumed we would arrive on time for sunrise.  I messaged a friend, Darren to meet up with for the shoot and set my alarm for 4:25am.  We headed in the right direction and then for some odd reason turned left instead of right and 20km later ended up in some National Park and the dawn was upon us.  I u-turned and high-tailed back the other way, sms’ing to find the right location.  We arrived at around 6:20am, sunrise being 6:08am and raced down the beach to try and capture what was left of a not so awesome sunrise.  It’s not the shot I had envisaged, but I captured something and it will be on my list to finalise next time I am up this way.  I had my big stopper on as the light was quite bright at this time of the morning. 

After this shoot, I headed to a nice cafe with my Mum for a leisurely breakfast, then onto Burleigh Heads Criminal Investigation Unit to do another photoboard of the seedy guy I encountered two mornings back.  Found out he admitted his guilt and is in court today!  Yay! 

See you back in Sydney!