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Gorgeous Byron Bay

Was keen to get a nice sunset to start off my Byron shots, but I got there a bit early and the sunset was nice but not intense.  This was my favourite shot of the day.  Shot it on my new Canon 1D Mark IV and it is an absolutely beautiful piece of equipment – was a bit stuck on a few settings, but once I got the manual out and figured out how basic it really was, and where all the buttons were, it was so simple to use and this was the result.  I love it!!!

Technical: 6:49pm, 9 February 2011, iso 100,  85 sec, 16mm, f/13, 16-35mm, lee soft grad filter 0.6, lee big stopper 10, canon 1d mark iv


Anyone for a swim..?

Spring is definitely here!  I went down to Manly yesterday for lunch and a walk to Shelley Beach – the weather was just perfect, no cool wind or scolding sun.  A clear blue sky and pristine waters – tempting enough to go for a dip or kayak…if only I had packed my bikini!  Next time…