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Technical Specs: f/13, 1.3 secs, 24mm, ISO100, 18 January 2011, 7:44pm, canon 5d mkii, canon l series 24-70mm lens, lee soft graduated filter 0.9


Forresters at Dusk – Panoramic

My panoramic is finally manually stitched from last night’s shoot.  This is a series of 8 shots taken in portrait orientation.  Specs: f/18, ISO100, 10 secs per frame, 24mm, 8:13pm-8:15pm, 18 January 2011.  I thought I would upload something different from Forresters – I have a few seascape shots as well, but will upload those as they are processed.  Hope you like this one.

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Forresters at Dusk!

It’s about time I got back out on the beaches to shoot some seascapes.  I met up with Danny, Tim and Jasiah down at Forresters Beach on the Central Coast to capture tonight’s sunset.  The cloud was a bit thick to filter much colour through, so it was an overcast shoot – but still so nice to shoot Forresters – always something different to compose.  I found my favourite rock to shoot and this is the first out of a few shots that I got tonight.

Technical Specs: f/14, 10 sec, 8:17pm, 24mm, lee grad filter 0.9, 24-70mm l series, canon 5d mark ii

Pretty in Pink

Another perspective from North Forresters – Sunday morning sunrise…

North Forresters

The first morning in a while where it wasn’t raining and the weather forecast proved right.  I ventured up the coast to Forresters (was going to shoot it from Spoon Bay headland, but ended its a bit scary walking down there on a new moon at 5am with no light), so I opted for the safer choice of the beach entry… (by safe, I was referring to my Burleigh Heads experience  I got on location and the waves were just chasing me every time I put my eye to the camera… my jeans were soaked, my gortex boots full of sea water and I couldn’t seem to get an exposure longer than 2 secs without running back 10m with gear in hand…  I didn’t want to zoom in with my wide angled lens, so I shot what I could and nearly didn’t process any images and I am not stoked with them… but the colours were nice and i love the lead in lines with this shot.

Collaroy Ocean Baths

The colours were so vibrant at dawn this morning, no pink sunrise, but the blues were worth the 4am wake-up!  Nice & warm, nearly warm enough for a morning dip!

Lollypop Sunset

After researching Forresters for a different angle, I thought I would try out the north end for a different perspective.  I hiked all the way up (& it’s a long way compared to the south end from the car park) and when I got up there, I found a tonne of seaweed, a rising tide and a ruined beach, so the water just gushed at you at 100 miles an hour.  A disaster zone, so after lugging all my gear to the north end, I looked up and saw the prettiest sunset bouncing off the low-lying cloud line, so I then relocated – pressed for time to the south end where I should have gone to begin with.  Exhausted and out of breath, I set up and captured this:

Moonrise was 2 hours past sunset, and the cloud cover was really heavy tonight, I did get some star trails, but will edit and upload them tomorrow.  It was a disaster star trails night due to the cloud cover, on my way back down to Sydney, the cloud cover was non-existent and if I wasn’t so tired, I would have set up for an hour-long shoot…. maybe another night!

Missing Photography Gear!

Oh … for anyone who ventures down to Forresters today, you may be lucky enough to find some photography gear washed up from the swell yesterday.  I grabbed my bag yesterday after a massive set came through and totally soaked me, and …. of course …. i didn’t zip it up, out tumbled my Petzl headlamp, some polarised screw-in filters 77m and 82mm, my flash stand, a screwdriver and my self-inflatable thermarest seat, which I use for night shoots (8-min exposures are so boring).  Good luck if you find it and happy hunting!  I am so mad at myself – lesson learned… zip up or lose it!!!

Comfit Description: Big, angry, white tips, bluish in colour – very loud and dangerous last night at Forresters – otherwise known as the OCEAN!!!

Forresters @ Sunset


What a gorgeous evening for photography!  Last night, it wasn’t a spectacular sunset, but it was pretty and the sky lit up with some nice colours to capture.  Check out my last blog re the beach conditions – but it made it all more rewarding, being able to capture this sunset at such a beautiful location.  Forresters is definitely up there on my favourite locations to shoot for sunset.  I might even try it for a sunrise soon!!!

Forresters Beach Sunset

It’s been a while since I went out for a sunset shoot and thought, since its nearly full moon, why not sunset then star trail at Forresters.  I got down to the beach and nearly turned around, the swell was ridiculously rough and an extremely high tide.  I took a few quick snaps on my iphone as the beach had been trashed by the waves and i got soaked just walking to the south end near the cliff. 

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The sunset was pretty but it was difficult to get a good composition, as the waves kept smashing into where i was standing, there was about 2 meters of dry sand left and i had to keep grabbing my backpack, tripod and gear to save it from getting washed into the ocean.  I did forget to zip up my backpack and when I picked it up to save it from a massive set, a pile of my gear tumbled out and got washed into the ocean.  I lost some filters, my petzl head torch, and still yet to figure out what else got washed away.  I found a torch about 20m from where I was standing, so the wash must have been pretty wild to pick that up and carry it – it still works too!!!  Stoked about that. 

Did some star trail photography til about 7:30pm, but way too tired to edit those tonight.  Will upload new blog tomorrow with pics.  Got some great shots!