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Broadwater “Body” of Water


Happy New Year!  Thought I would see the New Year in differently this year, went out and saw the fireworks at Broadbeach and decided to set the alarm for 3:50am to see the first day of the New Year in properly with a sunrise shoot.  The sky didn’t turn out as I was hoping, it looked pinkish at around 4:00am but the cloud cover and wind picked up and I got a dreary/wet sunrise shoot, but still nice to get up that early on the 01/01/11.  This photograph is a 3 image stitch, shot at 4:29am, f/13, 90secsx3, ISO100, 24mm, canon 5d mkii, lee soft grad filter 0.6.

If you look to the left of the image to the top right of the swimming enclosure, there is a lump in the water, I didn’t think much about it until I got back to my MacBook and blew up the image to 100%.  It looked like a man lying face down in the water, dark hair, blue shorts, brown t-shirt.  Thought I had better ring it in just in case.  Maybe he had too hard of a night to see in the New Year.  Luckily, I was told that it was just the tie down for the swimming float fence.  Much to my relief and embarrassment 🙂

The weather is nice and hot today so I may head out for a sunset shoot tonight… no floods here which is a good thing 🙂

A larger size of this image can be viewed and purchased from my website:



Burleigh Heads Glow

The second image from my Burleigh Heads shoot in August.  The sunrises are so pretty up the coast, was hoping for some more clouds, but the colours were gorgeous.  My other shot from Burleigh Heads can be found here on my blog:

Currumbin Rock, QLD

My last opportunity for a photo shoot before leaving on a jet plane for Sydney.  I had a few locations on my list and chose Currumbin Rock.  Mum said she knew were it was, so instead of researching my location and getting gps travelling time, I assumed we would arrive on time for sunrise.  I messaged a friend, Darren to meet up with for the shoot and set my alarm for 4:25am.  We headed in the right direction and then for some odd reason turned left instead of right and 20km later ended up in some National Park and the dawn was upon us.  I u-turned and high-tailed back the other way, sms’ing to find the right location.  We arrived at around 6:20am, sunrise being 6:08am and raced down the beach to try and capture what was left of a not so awesome sunrise.  It’s not the shot I had envisaged, but I captured something and it will be on my list to finalise next time I am up this way.  I had my big stopper on as the light was quite bright at this time of the morning. 

After this shoot, I headed to a nice cafe with my Mum for a leisurely breakfast, then onto Burleigh Heads Criminal Investigation Unit to do another photoboard of the seedy guy I encountered two mornings back.  Found out he admitted his guilt and is in court today!  Yay! 

See you back in Sydney!

The Spit Pier, Gold Coast, Queensland


I got my pier shot that I’ve been wanting to get for a while! … & I was determined after what happened at my last shoot to get some more shots at the Gold Coast while I am up here.  Set up a few shots and thought I didn’t really capture anything spectacular until I got home and opened up my RAW files.  Came across this shot and was pretty excited that I got it!

It was taken at 5:09pm, ISO100, 1/4 sec, 24mm, f/18 with a 0.9 grad Lee filter on a Canon 5D Mark II, 24-70mm L series lens.

Am planning one more shoot for tomorrow morning then back to Sydney!

Enjoy!!! x

Burleigh Heads, QLD

Welcome to the Gold Coast!

Took the chance to have a quick weekend trip away to visit my Mum (& get some new location shots of the glorious Gold Coast). After some research, I decided to hit Burleigh Heads for dawn to capture a pretty pink sunrise and since it was a new area, I made sure I got my Mum up at 4:30am to come with me (plus I had no idea where I was headed & I had no shooting buddy). We arrived on location at around 5:10am and saw a few fishermen heading down to the headland and thought I will follow them as they would be heading in the right direction and it’s always good to know other people are around…

I walked down the pathway (in pitch black) and found some steps leading onto some volcanic style boulders onto the tiniest beach I have seen. The location looked good and the light was just starting to come up. I set up my tripod and got my filters in place to find some seedy derelict making his way down the boulders towards us. I just assumed he was going to be a typical annoying person coming up wanting to talk about nothing of any importance while I was trying to get my shots in before sunrise. He came down, walked right in front of my camera (& yes I failed to get a shot off of him) and into my shot of the nice sand on the beach. I ignored him and told Mum not to engage a conversation as he looked a little strange. He left after about 2 minutes and we felt relieved and slightly concerned. Didn’t feel any immediate danger, so I kept on shooting as the light was getting really nice at this point. About 5:29am, he arrived back on the scene (pretty scared at this point – me not him, yet), there was one entry onto the beach/rock area, one exit – the same one. He was teetering on the top of the rock area and then made a fast beeline for me. Didn’t know whether to whack him with my camera/tripod or take the subtle approach and stay calm hoping he would just go away. I took the latter, and he came up beside me, pretty much shoulder to shoulder and I still didn’t engage him in verbal dialog. He then indecently assaulted me (kinda like a bear hug from behind – hands everywhere…) and I gave him a swift elbow jab which cleared him of me and turned around quickly and shoved him pretty hard with open palms to get more distance between so I could get a kick in if needed at his head. I then started yelling as loud as I could at him and abusing him to 1. degrade him and 2. scare him off as it was getting the fishermen’s attention who were on the rocks on the headland (but of course they never bothered to come over). He scurried away over the rocks as fast as his pathetic legs could carry him, I kept berating him until he was out of my line of sight and chose to stay on location as it was still too dark to “follow him” up the ramp towards the car and too scary.  Plus I was still shooting my 6 min exposure shot.

I asked Mum to keep a visual on him and also the steps whilst I grabbed my iphone and googled Burleigh Heads Police Station. The number was disconnected and then I tried and found the Gold Coast Communication Centre for the police, since it was pre-8am, none of the stations were answering. I spoke to a Constable and he said to head up to the carpark and wait for a car which would be there as fast as possible. This was 5:35am. Since it was still dark, we waited on the beach til the light was bright enough to see more than 15 foot in front of us and I packed up my gear and headed up the ramp to the carpark. Alas, no patrol car, as expected, so we waited around as suggested for the car. 6:18am, I get a call from a blocked number so I answered it and they had just been informed 3 minutes ago of the incident and asked me to go down to the Palm Beach Police Station to get a touch-dna kit done and a statement made. I rang the cops to get on location to pick the guy up and deal with him then and there so nobody else was in harm’s way, but that never happened.

After 3 hrs at the station, they said they picked up a guy that fitted the description and had him at Burleigh Heads Police Station. I couldn’t pick him out of the line-up as he didn’t have his beanie on and when I saw him it was dawn so all I could remember was the gear he was wearing, and his hair which was poking out from his horrible beanie, and I thought he was a bit older. I just hope they can ID him from the DNA samples that I left with them – my nice North Face jacket and my gloves. I got to keep my jeans or I would have been driving home in my underwear and jumper or the paper overalls they offered me.

Overall, a shitty morning, but its taught me not to go shooting with another female companion and to definitely find a male shooting buddy to head out when the light is low as there are some messed up people out there and I was lucky to walk away and not be attacked with a weapon or anything more sinister. In hindsight, I will be tucking my long blonde hair into my beanie and not wear fitting jeans on shoots anymore. I got myself a nice pair of work pants from Kathmandu and will look less feminine for my future shoots. I am determined to get more shots whilst up here and he won’t ruin my passion for landscape photography or my independence, but he has made me more aware of what could happen and also answers my remaining question……where are all the female landscape photographers???