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Will work for chips…

Shot down at Little Manly Cove on 31 January 2011, 8:04pm, iso320, 1/100, f/2.8, 125mm, 70-200mm canon l series lens, canon 5d mk ii


Little Manly Fishermen

Went down to Little Manly with Liz to have a quick birthday dinner and watch the sunset.  I got out my new 70-200mm L series and handheld shot some photos whilst eating dinner.  It was a nice evening to be out

Cabbage Tree Bay

Manly Inflatable Boat Race

So – were you there, or did you sleep in?

  Gorgeous day to be out and about early – fun race to watch!

Hugo’s Outlook


Taken one evening whilst sitting at Hugo’s with Liz and a nice, chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc – unfortunately, no tripod handy, so this was a 30 sec exposure resting on my handbag 🙂  Sometimes, you just have to compromise on your equipment to capture a gorgeous moment!

Manly Pier

Manly Yacht Club

Was down at Manly having a leisurely glass of white wine and pizza at Hugo’s and saw a storm coming through – had to get a capture of the brewing clouds before sunset.  I ventured down to the Manly Yacht Club and shot this from the jetty out the front of their club.

Anyone for a swim..?

Spring is definitely here!  I went down to Manly yesterday for lunch and a walk to Shelley Beach – the weather was just perfect, no cool wind or scolding sun.  A clear blue sky and pristine waters – tempting enough to go for a dip or kayak…if only I had packed my bikini!  Next time…

Crater Cove

Liz showed me this gorgeous location set in the Sydney Harbour National Park, last week & I have been waiting for an opportunity to trek down there and photograph it.  I set my alarm for 4:10am and was on location a bit early – but better than running late for a sunrise shoot.  Dawn light was average and I soon realised that the location was sheltered from the direct sunrise (which is probably why not many images appear on Flickr, etc…).  Regardless, it was still a lovely morning to be up nice and early and I got a couple of nice shots.  I think this is more a location to be shooting during the day with a polariser on.

This is an image blend from 3 shots, as it was so dark on the rock face at that time of the morning. 

The best part about this location is the old fishermen shacks on the cliff face.  It has a very interesting history:

Fairy Bower Rock Pool: Sunset


After a day of gale-force winds, it was nice to see the weather finally settle down a bit, the cloud had started to form on the western horizon so at around 4:25pm, I headed down to Manly to capture a panoramic sunset at Fairy Bower Rock Pool.  Loads of people out walking from Shelley Beach to Queenscliff – the weather is finally warming up , but I still chucked my black beanie on hoping to not attract another weirdo on my shoots.  Alas, I did, there seems to be one at every location.  This one was ok, but thought it was very important to interrupt my photo shoot and hand me his automatic camera, walk into my shot and ask me to take photos of him with the sunset!  Tempted to say no, I thought, what the hell!  I took 5 pics of him and then asked him to move so I could get my panoramic before the sunset & a quick location video:   He waited around til I finished and then I packed up and bolted!!  All in a day’s work :)~