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Warriewood Storm Brewing

Headed down to Warriewood this evening before the storm hit – the clouds were coming in fast and thick – as the light was falling, the pictures just got better and better.  I have taken a few panoramics and a few long exposures which I will edit and upload as they are completed.  This is the first image from this evening down at Warriewood beach…

EXIF: f/22, 1.3sec, ISO100, 16mm, lee soft grad filter 0.6, canon 5d mark ii, canon l series lens 16-35mm, 7:59pm, 26 December 2010

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Warriewood Rain

Another shot processed from last night’s shoot, just as the rain came in from the West.

Stormy Warriewood

Well, after watching gorgeous sunsets dusk after dusk for three nights running, I thought it best to dust off my camera gear and head on out tonight.  It wasn’t looking promising, but I was committed to getting out there and shooting something … anything …

As I was heading out, the storm from the west was sweeping over and hiking out to the ocean, but I decided to keep on going.  I got on location at around 6:45pm and the edge of the cloud line was at Warriewood – was planning on Collaroy baths or Narrabeen, but the storm had beaten me to those locations.  I hiked out to the shoreline and the wind picked up and started to rain heavily on me, but I still managed to snap a few shots off.

As I got back to my car, soaked but not sorry, I was grinned at by a few of the tradies checking the surf out, they must’ve thought I was mad…. absolutely soaked, sand everywhere, but I got my shot!

Warriewood Sunset


Thought I would shoot this location on a higher tide without my 2 assistants, the swell was not so bad today, but I did get my feet soaked on a few sets that came in when I had my eye on the viewfinder.  Such a pretty location, but most of the green seaweed has gone already…

Warriewood at Dusk


After last night’s skyscape, I couldn’t resist taking up the opportunity to capture an overcast sunset again, so I headed down to Warriewood.  My 4-yr old chose the location, and it was a shocking night for photography.  I tried all the tricks in the camera bag, but ended up going with the Lee Big 10 Stopper just to get something. 

This shot was taken on a Canon 5D Mark II
Canon L Series 24-70mm lens
Lee Soft Grad 0.9 filter
Lee Big Stopper 10
ISO100, 25mm, f/13, 333 secs
23 September 2010 5:47pm-5:52pm
Warriewood Beach at Dusk

Here are some images taken on location at the same time – my apprentices digging for pixies in the sand and the original location shot as well as the full moon rising shot (i think i may need a zoom lens for this in future… one guy had a massive lens down at Warriewood shooting, would love to see his pics) – shows how uneventful the skyscape was at sunset today…

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Wicked Sunset!!!

Summer is definitely on its way, I can feel it!  The sunsets are becoming more vivid and the cloud cover more disbursed.  I got home around 4:40pm and quickly grabbed my photographic equipment and my kids grabbed their pjs and teddies and we hit the road to get what we could of the 5:28pm sunset.  In hindsight, it may have been better to shoot off my front verandah, as the eastern sky was drab, but the western sky was going off! 

I arrived at Warriewood, a place where I can hand shoot with the kids safely watching Diego DVD 2 meters from me at a viewing platform.  The beach light was pretty drab and I turned around and saw this amazing bleed of colour over the cotton wool clouds!  To see it was amazing.  A passing cyclist told me to head down to the Ocean Street bridge at Narrabeen, but it would’ve not been able to shoot it with my adorable kids in the car with me so I let it pass.  There will always be other times to shoot sunsets like this.

The kids were so excited to see it, so overall, we had a good evening together.  We got fish ‘n chips afterwards and ate it in the car at Dee Why then headed home to 2 very tired and asleep kids!

Bring on the Summer sunsets!!!!!